QuickVue® Adenoviral Conjunctivitis Test

QuickVue® Adenoviral conjunctivitis Test is a disposable, low cost test that requires no additional equipment to administer or interpret results. Using 4 simple steps, QuickVue® test results are achieved in just 10 minutes, aiding in the accurate diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis before the patient leaves the office.

Product Features

QuickVue® is the first rapid, in-office test that detects all known serotypes of adenoviral conjunctivitis. With QuickVue® Adenoviral conjunctivitis Test an early and accurate diagnosis enables identification and management of contagious patients helping to prevent the spread of viral pink eye and reduce inappropriate antibiotic use.

Using direct sampling microfiltration technology, QuickVue® accurately identifies all known serotypes of adenoviral conjunctivitis in tear fluid samples taken from the inside lining of the lower eyelid, the palpebral conjunctiva.

  • Cost Effective Single-use, disposable test
  • Rapid Results delivered in 10 minutes
  • Easy to Use Done in 4 easy steps – Collect the sample, assemble the test, run the test, read the results
  • Accurate 90% sensitivity; 96% specificity


Fast and accurate

  • Results 10 minutes
  • High sensitivity and specificity performance

Easy and convenient

  • Disposable test, requires just 4 easy steps
  • No additional equipment is needed to administer or interpret


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