Bruder® Instruments

Bruder® Ophthalmic instruments are perfect for use in conjunction with the Bruder® Moist Heat Eye Compress. Prior to an expression procedure, apply a warmed compress for 10 minutes. This will help you prepare the Meibomian glands for treatment.

Product Details

Livengood™ Expressor Paddles: For mild or gentle expression of the Meibomian gland. Non-slip knurled handle. 75mm oval blades. Angled 12 degrees or flat.

Karpecki Debrider: Slightly curved tip with a ‘crisp’ edge on both sides. The curved edge is just right to easily remove keratin.

Bruder® Epilation Forceps: For precise eyelash removal. Straight. Non-slip, easy grip handle. Non-slip jaw/tip.

Collins Expressor Forceps-German Stainless Steel: For mild to aggressive expression of Meibomian gland. 95mm Forceps with closed paddles


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