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SimulEYE surgical eye models are manufactured with high quality, realistic materials to help replicate the surgical experience and ultimately help advance the field of ophthalmology while improving patient outcomes. SimulEYE provides realism and repeatability in a small footprint, which is cost effective, and without the disposal concerns of cadaver/animal eyes.

MIGS Ophthalmic Training Models

  • Training models with easily identifiable angle structures for visualization with gonioprism and viscoelastic or gel. Practice the removal of trabecular meshwork tissue, catheter advancement or device implantation depending on the MIGS device.

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    SimulEYE MIGS Kit

    • The reusable starter kit contains a platform and base unit. The platform angle reaches 30 degrees to simulate the turned head position for visualization of the angle. The base supports SimulEYE MIGS models including KDB, TrabEx, iTrack and iStent inject eye models. Note: No model eyes are supplied with this starter kit.

    Essential Core Models for Cataract Practice

    • Aphakia Injecting an IOL into the bag and rotating to proper position or a toric lens and rotating to the proper axis of alignment
    • SimuloRhexis To practice the continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC) technique

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      Models for Complex Cataract Procedures

      • Small Pupil Practice management with either Malyugin Ring or Iris Hooks
      • Iris Suture & IOL Fixation Practice iris suturing, iriodialysis repair and various IOL fixation techniques including the Yamane technique
      • Anterior Vitrectomy Opportunity to practice before you have to perform it, helps to understand the machine and the settings

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        SimulEYE Anterior Segment Kit

        • The reusable kit contains a total of 7 surgical eye models, a base plate for mounting and ample amounts of viscoelastic substitute and surface coating gel for various applications. Eyes include SimuloRhexis, Small Pupil, 2 x Iris Suturing & IOL Fixation, and 2 x Anterior Vitrectomy.

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        Interested in Personal Protective Equipment for your Slit Lamp or Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope? Click Here for more information.

        View the video below for testimonials from some very familiar faces! SimulEYE is committed to training surgeons, supporting the industry, improving patient outcomes, and ultimately advancing the field of ophthalmology.

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