SimulEYE® Small Pupil Training Model

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Small Pupil Training Model

  • Developed for use with iris expansion devices such as the Malyugin Ring to learn the teaching points of insertion and removal of these devices. This model may also be used for placing iris hooks or for practicing IOL cutting and removal in the anterior chamber. With proper care and surgical technique, this model is designed to be re-used multiple times.
  • Do not use this model for capsulorhexis. SimulEYE® Small Pupil was specifically designed to be much stronger in order to last through multiple attempts with iris expansion devices and does not provide a realistic simulation of the capsulorhexis technique.

  • The following accessories are required for using SimulEYE® Small Pupil:
    1. Elevated Base provides a raised stable platform to securely hold any SimulEYE model with a suction cup base with stability.
    2. Operating microscope
    3. 3.00 mm keratome
    4. 1.0 mm side port blade
    5. Malyugin Ring
    6. Base Tray in conjunction with the Elevated Base captures fluid and provides additional hand support.
    7. Viscoelastic Substitute thicker than normal viscoelastic for optimal use with our eye models. (Not for human use)

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How to use the SimulEYE Small Pupil Training Model


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