SimulEYE® SimuloRhexis® Training Model

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SimuloRhexis® Training Model

  • This is the first model developed which is specifically for capsulorhexis training. A total of 5 or 10 capsulotomies can be performed with each SimuloRhexis Kit. Corneal incisions need to be made, the anterior chamber must be filled with viscoelastic and a CCC can then be created. The pressure behind the capsule can be increased for greater difficulty. The anterior capsule will bow forward causing the anterior chamber to shallow while making the tear want to run down the slope and outward. Rescue maneuvers can be practiced and perfected.

  • Either of the following accessories is required for using SimuloRhexis®:
    1. Base Plate provides a stable platform to securely hold any SimulEYE model with a suction cup base.
    2. Elevated Base provides a raised stable platform to securely hold the SimulEYE model with a suction cup base with stability.


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How to use the SimulEYE SimuloRhexis Training Model


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