SimulEYE® Anterior Segment Training Kit

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Anterior Segment Training Kit

  • This is our most complete Anterior Segment Kit and combines all of the models and accessories from the Essential, Advanced and A-Vit Kits in one complete package. For the anterior segment surgeon wanting the most comprehensive training, we have you covered.
  • This kit contains 6 surgical model Eyes, a Base Plate for mounting your surgical models and ample amounts of Viscoelastic Substitute and Surface Coating Gel for various applications.


  • The Kit includes:
    1. 1 x SimuloRhexis Kit (10 Film Pack): Practice the CCC technique again and again and even learn how to rescue a runout tear.
    2. 1 x Small Pupil Eye: Work with multiple devices including the MST Malyugin Ring to manage a small pupil
    3. 1 x Aphakia Eye: Learn how to load and inject various IOL’s from all different manufacturers. Also, learn to rotate toric lenses into position. You can even practice explanting an IOL (by folding or cutting) to remove it from the eye.
    4. 1 x ISIF Eye (Iris Suturing & IOL Fixation): Practice various techniques to suture the iris and repair an iridodialysis. You can also practice various IOL fixation techniques including iris suture fixation, scleral suture fixation and intrascleral fixation (Yamane technique).
    5. 1 x Capsule Support Eye: This model is ideally suited for working with CTRs, Capsule Hooks, Ahmed Segments and other devices that are used to support an unstable capsule.
    6. 1 x A-Vit Eye: Be prepared! Learn to manage vitreous loss with various techniques including bimanual anterior vitrectomy through a pars plana approach. The synthetic vitreous is easily visualized enabling the surgeon to learn when to use the cutter and when to use the aspiration setting.
    7. 1 x Elevated Base: The Elevated Base provides a stable platform to securely hold any SimulEYE model with a suction cup base and provides support for the hands.
    8. 1 x Base Tray: The Base Tray is designed to be used in combination with the Elevated Base to support SimulEYE models and catch any fluids from anterior and posterior segment training.
    9. 2 x Surface Coating Gels: Utilize the Surface Coating Gel to improve visualization and decrease bubbles entering the eye.
    10. 2 x Viscoelastic Substitutes: Viscoelastic Substitute in 5cc syringe with cannula, individually packaged.

How to use the training eye models included:

  • SimuloRhexis


  • Small Pupil


  • Aphakia Eye

  • ISIF Eyes (Iris Suturing & IOL Fixation)



  • A-Vit Eye

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