Simplifying Complex MIGS Procedures

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GATT Procedure

  • MST Ahmed Micro-Graspers, Curved Used to grasp the 5-0 suture within the anterior chamber, introduce the suture into the goniotomy incision and insert counterclockwise through the circumference of the canal. After the suture or catheter has coursed through the entire canal, the leading tip is grasped at the opposite end with the micrograsper and pulled to the center of the anterior chamber to complete the 360 trabeculotomy.

iStent Procedure

  • MST Ahmed Stent Forceps, Curved Used to manipulate and reposition first and second generation iStents.

Cypass Revision Procedure

  • MST Ahmed Micro Stent Cutter, Straight Used to to trim and remove excess stent material protrusions in Cypass revisions.


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