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Labtician Ophthalmics, Inc. is proud to be a Canadian manufacturer of single-use ophthalmic consumables. We are excited to offer a wide range of high quality and innovative instruments, providing a solutions-based approach to your practice. With 60 years of history in Canada, we continue to provide you with the tools you need to achieve excellence in your practice.

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The LABTREPHINETM portfolio offers a wide selection of recipient radial trephines, corneal trephine blades, and donor punches. All trephine products are available in a variety of different sizes and the option to include vacuum functionality, providing you with the optimal tool for every unique case.

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The LABEDGE STM was designed with safety as our top priority. We combined our sharpest, most precise blades, with safety features working to reduce injuries in the operating room. Equipped with a safety shield and retractable blade, sharps injuries will be reduced while causing no interference with the surgeon’s control. Available in stab, crescent, sideport, and phaco slit, with various angles, sizes, and bevel options.

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The LABEDGETM portfolio of knives and blades were crafted to offer best-in-class sharpest and the most consistent blades for your ophthalmic surgeries. Cutting edges are created using electrochemical sharpening to ensure the blades are smooth, absent of residual burrs, and provide a true incision size that can be replicated consistently from blade to blade. The Lab Edge collection is offered in a wide variety of sizes, angles, and bevel options to meet all your needs during surgery.

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The LABCANNULATM portfolio includes a diverse offering of single-use cannulas ranging from 19-30G for all of your ophthalmic surgeries. All consumables including the cannulas are manufactured in North America with strict standards to ensure all product specifications are either met or exceeded; this means you will receive the same high-quality product each time with no variance.

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The LABSPEARTM eye spears are designed to absorb fluids and effectively clean the surgical field with precision and care. Made from PVA, LabSpear’s sponge is soft and highly absorbent which facilitates patient comfort and allows for versatility in use across its many surgical indications.

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