Surgical Products

You work in an ever-evolving field. Equipment, instruments, and techniques are always changing. Our innovative surgical products provide you with the most up-to-date, state of the art solutions you need to achieve consistency and excellence in your specialty.


Specialized instruments that help you achieve precise surgical outcomes. Our advanced instruments provide you with the most innova...

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Leading-edge devices for glaucoma management across the treatment algorithm, including MIGS options and glaucoma drainage devices....

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Innovative, internationally-renowned products, devices, and solutions for retina care. Our retina products are known for their sup...

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Innovative products and tools, highly regarded by corneal specialists, for the ability to enable highly-specialized procedures tha...

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The highest-quality products and tools to assist refractive surgeons in safely and meticulously carrying out their work, to improv...

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A range of high-quality cosmetic and corrective products that enable Oculoplastic surgeons to precisely perform delicate and compl...

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Product Catalogues

If you’d like to learn more about the extensive line of products we carry, you can view the in-depth product catalogues and info...

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Through our extensive international network, we commercialize our high-quality ophthalmology products world-wide....

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Labtician Literature

Literature for Labtician manufactured devices may be accessed here....

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Press Release: Strategic Partner Agreement between Diagnos and Labtician Ophthalmics – LEARN MORE